You are not alone!!! ❤

To anybody out there who is struggling lately, this is just to say hang on in there!!! This phase shall pass and things will seem brighter soon, have faith in that!!!

I feel your pain and have been feeling very emotional and depressed for the past month or so.  A lot of issues that I thought were resolved keep springing up in my mind and I am putting that down to all the retrograde activity going on up above. 

We must be patient with ourselves and allow ourselves to feel these uncomfortable feelings, without suppressing them in any way.  This is the only way to work though them so that they can finally purge.  Try to get some you time and allow yourself to be lazy with it, cry if you need to and journaling the shit out of it helps. 

During last week the following videos have helped me so somebody out there may find useful ❤ I have also self treated myself with Reiki & Seichem energies. 

Binaural beats: 4.5 HZ Stress Relief – Balance your Mind – Heal your Energy.
Is it at all possible to get myself out of depression, sadness, danger and loneliness?
Dark Night of The Soul (5 Tips of getting through it)
Dark Nights of The Soul
Stop Negative Thinking: Powerful Affirmations. Positive Energy. Overcome Negative Patterns.
I love you all and you are not alone.

Namaste ❤

New age movement = New World Order??

Is the new age spirituality movement a hoax to usher in the new one world government??

This is a topic understandably of much debate, so we will take a look at just a few of the major differences between the the two. Certainly facts that have put our worries at ease.


HATE vs LOVE ❤️💛💚💙💜





It’s important for humanity to come together and stand up for what is right!! Just as our brothers and sisters at Standing Rock have shown us ✊🏼

The world coming together in unity, peace and love is not to be confused with a world forced together due to control, fear and hate.

Some new age followers believe that you should ignore the negative, or even go as far to say that no negative exists. This is where the danger lurks, as turning a total blind eye and giving no resistance to the world around us can only result in one thing!! And that is exactly the monster we are trying to escape.



Emotions are literally energy in motion through the human body.

E-motions are quite literally Energy In Motion.
We are energy bodies and the emotions we experience or supress through life affect our lives on all levels, including emotionally, physically and spiritually. Previous beliefs had been that our thoughts and emotions were made in the brain, however current medical research recognises the fact that thoughts and emotions are energy vibrations reacting within the body’s energetic body (etheric body), which is like a matrix of small energy tubes that interconnect all cells, tissue and organs.
There are a broad spectrum of emotions ranging from love at one end through to fear on the other. Each emotion comes with its own energetic signature within the body. For example we all know that feeling in the pit of our stomach when a situation or person makes you feel misaligned with your values and higher self. That is an energetic vibration reacting within your solar plexus chakra, the chakra that acts as the main receiver and guardian of your whole energetic system. The different chakras within the body correspond to different physical and emotional aspects.
Normal emotions are essential for human evolution as they facilitate energy flow, which could act as a trigger to break free from learned programmes of unconscious thought and behaviour.
Sometimes through life we face heartache and situations that are too much to handle, and the emotion at the time can feel like too much to deal with. Numbing the emotion leaves it unprocessed and results in energy blocks within the body. Years of built up stagnant energy can lie dormant within our etheric body and most of us are unaware that unprocessed issues are literally seeping through to our aura. Our personal aura reflects the health of our energy body, and we pick up on peoples auras subconsciously whether we are aware of it or not. We know when we meet someone if they are giving off good vibes or bad vibes, so even if you cant see visual auras, you certainly can feel them.
Sooner or later we all have to confront our shadows within and feel the emotions that we have denied and supressed. This can happen many years later when something appears in our lives, to trigger off that emotion again. Sometimes the toughest pains and emotions are the most important ones, for self growth and freedom. It is important to be patient and allow ourselves time to work through and feel these emotions, which will result in the blockages being released. Also healing is not linear, sometimes life can be sailing great and then out of nowhere, BOOM comes this trigger, that can set of a reel of emotions that bring back feelings and unresolved issues from years prior. So be prepared for an up and down journey, as anyone who claims to be farting rainbows every single day without fail is not truly in touch with their emotions or reality.
Once we realise that we are all creators that 100% create our own reality, we can take responsibility for the energy we create into the world. The quote “as within, so without” describes how the state of our inner energetic body attracts all the circumstances in our current lives. Nothing ‘just happens’ to us, which I know can be very hard to accept or understand especially when something in your life has caused you immense pain. Sometimes painful emotions are the exact thing that trigger change from within. And once you start shifting the energy blockages and get it flowing again, situations and people in your outer life will begin to change, mirroring your inner world…. As they say “your vibe attracts your tribe”.


Things to help clear energy blockages:
  • Reconnect with mother nature;
  • Regular exercise such as walking, jogging, gym, gardening or yoga;
  • Mediation or breathing techniques to bring you into the current moment;
  • Be mindful of gossiping or negative self talk as it generates negative energy;
  • Sometimes a good old cry can do the world of good to release emotions;
  • Look after yourself physically, which will also aid you spiritually.
  • Open your heart chakra, forgive yourself and others, and LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤


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